Letters to the editor

Increase funding Kiwanians are community leaders and business professionals committed to changing the world, one child and one community at a time. Child abuse can have profound detrimental effects on children’s development, resulting in costly consequences for the individual, family and community, which is why we support Healthy Families Florida. This evidence-based home visiting program is proven to effectively prevent child abuse in high-risk families at a fraction of the cost of treating the consequences of abuse after it occurs. We are pleased that the legislature has maintained Healthy Families Florida funding at its current level of $18.1 million at this point in the budget process. However, we remain hopeful that if additional resources are available, the legislature will bring this successful prevention program back to its 2009-2010 funding level of $28.1 million or increase the funding as much as possible so more communities and vulnerable families and their children are able to receive these vital services.
By preventing child abuse before it ever begins, we are building a strong foundation for a more prosperous future for our entire state. Allen Whetsell Governor Florida Kiwanis Stop sign flouters I live at the end of Schumacher Road in Sebring. We, who live down at the end and on Blueberry Road, have had pretty much the same experiences. I am talking about the residents of Sun ‘n Lake who refuse to acknowledge the stop sign on Ortega and Schumacher. It is right before the pavement turns to shell. What prompts me to write this time is what happened a couple of days ago. I was behind a large truck pulling a large gooseneck trailer full of cattle. We were traveling west on Schumacher and were just about at the part where the road turns to shell. We were traveling below the 45 mph speed limit. As we neared the shell part I noticed a dark van pulling up to the stop sign on Ortega. The lady stopped and was looking right at the trailer that wasn't slowing down. She waited till he was almost on top of her and pulled out in front of him. I slammed on my brakes and screamed because I just knew she was dead. By God's mercy she skirted out and barely got missed! What is wrong with these people? If this was a rare occurrence I would let it go, but this happens several times a week! I don't know about everyone else, but frankly I am getting sick and tired of getting run off the road. This has happened to me about six times this year so far. I am sure I am not the only one. What is it going to take? A horrible accident that leaves someone dead or maimed? Can't we please get some help from the sheriff's office? I have asked several times. A couple of weeks ago there was a sheriff out here and I stopped and thanked him. He was even surprised at the stops he was making. We need help out here to control the stop-sign running. If you don't do something and someone is hurt or worse, I am going to lay this on your doorstep, Sheriff Benton. Something must be done! Dana Payne Kole Sebring