Letters to the editor

Blame the madmen When someone uses a gun to kill people, many politicians and much of the media blame the gun rather than the madman using it. This results in the predictable hysterical calls for gun bans and more gun control. Yet, when someone used a pressure cooker to kill and critically injure hundreds in Boston, you didn't hear them calling for pressure cooker bans. If the object is the reason for the violence, wouldn't the pressure cooker in Boston share the same blame as the gun at Sandy Hook? As ridiculous as this sounds, this blaming of the object instead of the criminal is the primary argument by the anti-gun herd. Guns don't shoot themselves and pressure cookers don't blow themselves up. It was madmen bent on destruction in Boston and Sandy Hook that caused so much horror and destruction.
Until the anti-Second Amendment crowd realizes this, their ridiculous lack of logic will continue to waft into the debate about violence in our society. Unfortunately, these spurious attacks on gun rights use valuable time and resources that would be better used actually addressing violent crime. Dana Orr Avon Park Foreign policy hypocrisy Many opinions have been expressed regarding U.S./Cuba foreign policy supporting the 50-plus year embargo by the U.S., mostly from Cuban immigrants or Cuban Americans. Claims of human rights violations and mistreatment by the Castro regime continue to surface even though the same mistreatment by the Chinese government’s ideology of Marxism/Leninism is overlooked by Washington politicians. Amnesty International has documented widespread human rights violations and estimates that 500,000 Chinese citizens endure punitive detention, imprisonment, harassment, surveillance, house arrest and the death penalty for non-violent crimes. If this behavior is true then why do we embargo Cuba and trade with China? The answer is simple: the Chinese government has purchased $1.264 trillion worth of U.S. treasury bonds. So what would you do to upset your money lending rich uncle? Mr. Valenti writes that Cuban citizens enjoy no freedom of opinion, cannot disagree or debate without repression, and that Florida's Representative Kathy Castor's attempt to remove Cuban sanctions is simply chasing the almighty dollar. It appears our wrongful treatment toward Cuba is a mentality that goes on poisoning generation after generation with no end benefit insight, other then to appease Cuban Americans who want a slice of Castro. Get over it or go home and resolve it on your own! Jerry Wright Avon Park