Letters to the editor

Demand change This morning, I saw a cartoon in the paper about dealing with children who throw temper tantrums. It was referring to the leader of North Korea. I then thought, we have the same situation in our own country. Mr. Obama gets rebuffed on the sequester business and on his gun control push. So what does he do? Like a petulant kid he throws a hissy fit and takes his rebuff out on the citizens. Claiming there is no money, he cuts the number of air traffic controllers. This forces the airlines to cut flights. So who does it hurt? Nobody but the public and the airline industry. I wonder how long the public is going to put up with this petulant kid. We still have millions of people unemployed, food prices are beginning to skyrocket. The Federal Reserve is printing dollars so fast that they will soon not be worth the paper they are printed on. He seems to have only two ideas: spend money, which the government doesn't have, and raise taxes. Neither of these programs will create jobs.
If the citizens don't demand a change, they will not have a country in a few years. Dick Ford Sebring Morning after pill I read that the U.S. District Judge Edward Korman of Washington, D.C., criticized the restrictions on the “morning after pill” and wants to lift all restrictions regardless of age and no parental consent. The Justice Department was evaluating whether to appeal. As parents, we work very hard to keep our children morally and physically strong. As Catholic Christians, it is morally wrong to offer the morning after pill at any age. To lift restrictions on age and parental consent is allowing our beautiful young girls 10 and up to ingest a pill that could disrupt the natural development of these young girls’ bodies. The FDA claims it is safe. How many other drugs have they approved, only to discover negative consequences? We don’t want the government offering our children the easy way out. It has not worked in the past. First the pill – still unwanted pregnancy. Second, abortion, resulting in so many girls suffering the emotional after-effects. What happened to teaching our beautiful young men and women to respect and honor their bodies? God’s plan is our only safe plan. Abstinence. Sylvia Schmitt Avon Park Public pensions I am glad Sebring has dedicated firefighters and I commend them. That is their job and we would expect the same dedication from anyone in private business, the service of our doctors, etc. But that is beside the point – the point being economics. Sebring and many other cities across the country are spending a large percentage of their budget on public pensions. This cannot continue without severe repercussions. It does not seem too much to ask each public employee to contribute a portion of his salary to a 401K retirement plan and not expect taxpayers to fund the whole tab. There are many other services for which city and county funds are required and these suffer when a large portion goes to funding of pensions. Vernon Hal Avon Park Texas tragedy Is President Obama aware of the tragedy in West, Texas, as I have not seen him in front of a camera since the explosion that killed 14 and injured 170? I can't imagine that he would miss an opportunity to fly off and express his sorrow while tearing up and panning for TV cameras when given the chance. Perhaps due to sequestration his travel budget has been reduced and being it was an accident in a red state and not an act of violence, he is unable to rant against gun control or terrorism. Jerry Wright Avon Park