Letters to the editor

American workers Americans are the hardest working people in the world, period. I grow tired of employers in our country who hire illegal aliens and then use the excuse that illegal aliens work harder than Americans do. The real reason they hire illegal aliens is to avoid paying taxes, insurance, Social Security and the paperwork that goes along with all of that. Of course, the unfair burden of taking care of these illegal people falls squarely on the backs of us taxpayers. I have no problem at all with the aliens who are here legally. When I lived in Oregon after losing my job because of Japan, the only job I could find was planting trees on Weyerhauser property in the dead of winter. Try walking on rocky slash-covered ground with 80 pounds of seedlings on your back carrying a heave hoe dad in the freezing rain for $10 a day. An illegal would turn his nose up at that. The job site was in the middle of nowhere and the transportation back and forth was in the back of a pickup truck. What bothers me most of all is Marco Rubio’s concern for the welfare of illegal aliens in our country and his lack of empathy for us American taxpayers who pay his overblown and undeserved salary. I have to wonder what Mexico’s immigration reform policy consists of? As far as I know, if you are in Mexico illegally and get caught, you go to prison and live on gruel. What’s Rubio’s response to that? They don’t reward criminals there.
I understand there is a bill that may have already been passed in the Florida Senate that would give college tuition breaks to the children of illegal aliens in Florida. If this happens, this would be a huge slap in the face of American parents who cannot afford to send their kids to college. My parents couldn’t afford college for my brother and I, so we started working at a very early age and made our own way in the world. Jerry Nargelovic Sebring Wake up Please stop calling the Tsarnaev brothers “radical” Muslims as though they were somebody special. They are true Muslims to the core in that they exemplify the mind of the founder of Islam, Muhammad. Anything less would be forsaking true Islam. Moderates and “peace loving” Muslims are offensive to their own religion. The Islam religion has never been from its beginning with Muhammad to this day “peace loving.” Read the Qur'an and history. “Political correctness” will be another nail in the coffin of USA. Tolerance is sure death, destruction and defeat. Wake up, America. Frank Parker Sebring Sequester results It appears that two, dominant politically correct Obama budget sequesters are increase as many free-loader budgets as possible. Search for the most needed areas and the most pain-inflicting situations to cut expenditures. The air traffic controllers are one of his many choices. This could have wonderful political windfalls. Not only will flights be delayed, but there is a good chance for takeoff and landing crashes. Now, you who are complaining about the puny per capita debt of only $50,000 or $17 trillion total, see how wrong you are. Jim Rahenkamp Avon Park