Letters to the editor

Letís pull together As I have written before and as a former high level Republican official, it continues to baffle me how the Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage cabal and their wannabes continue to fuel hatred of our president. Latest proof: the letter of April 23 trashing the president for failing to honor the victims of the Texas explosion. As I write this, I am watching the evening TV news showing the president and First Lady in West Texas, honoring the victims and their families of this tragedy. As I have said in letters before when they are printed, we are all Americans. How about pulling together for a change and leaving the bigotry, exclusion and hatred behind?
Gerry Garnich Sebring Tourist tax money All the responses I got from my last letter either agreed with me or encouraged me to keep the pressure on about TDC, except one. It was from a commissioner who requested I remove his name from my email list. That indicates to me that he does not want to listen to any citizen who does not agree with him. The truth of the matter is that in November 2002, the politicians put a request on the ballet to authorize a tourist tax of 2 percent with distribution to be set at percentages for each category to receive the tax money to bring tourists to the county. It has been well established the distribution was not being done correctly. In fact, it showed on the audit they did not really know where all the money went and there was a substantial balance. The only thing that can be done now is to reset the balance and enforce the percentages as they were voted in. No changes or removal in the administrative percentage of 29 percent. In other words, do what is ethical with full integrity. The alternative is to let the voters revote on the tourist tax. Ten people on the TDC are ones who will benefit the most by using the money any way they choose. They appear not to care what the citizens prefer or want. They act like the tourist tax money is their money and they are doing the citizens a favor just giving them some of it. They, the commissioners, will make the decision and that decision will decide if they use integrity or deception. Contact me at claggwe@comcast.net William E. Clagg Lake Placid