Letters to the editor

A travesty The union of ICE is suing the Department of Homeland Security because that department will not allow ICE to do its job! ICE can no longer arrest illegals. In order for ICE to have any hope of doing its job first, illegals must be arrested by another law enforcement agency. Once incarcerated and ICE officers become involved, all the illegal has to do is say that they have a GED and ICE can no longer enforce the law and do their work. Hands off at that point! Our government is out of control, including our government, talking of workplace violence instead of being politically correct! Rob Mixon
Sebring Thatís it. Iíve had it with baseball (at least at the Major League level) as the Florida Legislature has decided to spend upward of $3 million a year (starting in 2015) to help some towns in the state enhance their playing fields and stadiums so at least two major league teams have better facilities. Folks, that $3 million is going to come right out of our pockets. The people of Tampa got burned by the Glazer family when the taxpayers ended up paying for Raymond James Stadium when the Glazers apparently have all the money in the world. Now we are expected to pay for major league teams that give out player contracts that stagger your imagination. Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays makes $10 million a year, Pujols of the Angels makes $24 million, Rodriguez of the Yankees makes $27 million (and he is home by the pool until at least July, but still gets paid), and Kevin Youkilis that was brought to the Yankees for one year to replace Rodriguez makes $12 million. Folks, with owners shelling out this kind of money for players, how can they justify asking or needing money from the state for better venues? Our legislators need their heads examined. I suggest that the people in Tallahassee go to a game in either Tampa or Miami and pay upward of $80 for a grandstand seat and buy one of those $8 hotdogs and then vote with a clear head on spending our money on people who apparently have a bottomless pit of money. Spring training lasts 6 to 8 weeks a year. How much do you think that helps a community on a yearly basis? Folks, donít let them get away with another stupid spending spree. Hal Graves Sebring