Letters to the editor

Good editorial If readers of Highlands Today could award the best editorial of the year, my choice would be the May 8, 2013 editorial “Same legislative nonsense alive and well.” It describes our elected officials’ decision to favor state tax credits for insurance companies over giving relief to folks suffering from the increased cost of vehicle registration. If you missed it, read it now on the Highlands Today website, give the editorial staff a letter of appreciation and contact the Highlands delegation. James Upchurch
Sebring Doesn’t understand In reading Dick Ford's letters, he must not be able to read or comprehend what he hears. He keeps repeating that Obama is not a citizen, which has been checked and proven that he is. He talks about a violation of the Constitution written in 1776. This was a far different world than they could not even visualize what it would be now. Example: the right to bare arms. All they had back than were muskets. After firing, you had to push a rag down the barrel to push down any unburnt powder. Then you poured a measured amount of powder and packed it down. Then you had to push a lead ball down the barrel. Then you had to pour a measured amount of powder into the firing tray, pull the hammer back and you are ready to fire – two-and-a-half minutes between shots. Jack Tuberville, a gunner in the Vietnam War, had a gun that could fire 4,000 rounds a minute. GPS can tell millions of people how to find places and how far you are from there. Eye surgery is performed in 15 minutes. As an outpatient, I can see my son when he is thousands of miles away. Immigration, unless you are an Indian, your ancestors came from some foreign land – that is what made this country great. No, Mr. Ford, the country put thousands of tons of gold bars aside when gold was $32 an ounce. It is selling some now. The stock market has never been this high, unemployment is going down and home prices are going up. What world are you living in? Joseph J. Oros Sebring Too busy Ho-hum – it was a lovely Sunday in May. A perfect day for swimming, boating, golf or having a lazy swing in a hammock. What else would a person do? Certainly not waste an afternoon on a dull movie called “Bully” being shown at Sebring Church of the Brethren and co-sponsored by Peace of Highlands County. Why bother seeing children being beaten up on buses, tackles on playgrounds and harassed in halls and lunchrooms? Kids will be kids, they’ll outgrow it. But how about the ones who are physically and emotionally handicapped for life? And what about the ones who commit suicide and have no more life? Shame on you, administrators, members of the Highlands County Commissioners, and parents and grandparents. You were all given the opportunity to attend this movie through the newspaper, library and county officials. Where were you? Marilyn Jacobs Sebring