Letters to the editor

Lack of attendance Ho-hum – it was a lovely Sunday in May. A perfect day for swimming, boating, golf or having a lazy swing in a hammock. What else would a person do? Certainly not waste an afternoon on a dull movie called “Bully,” being shown at Sebring Church of the Brethren and co-sponsored by Peace of Highlands County. Why bother seeing children being beaten up on buses, tackles on playgrounds and harassed in halls and lunchrooms? Kids will be kids, they’ll outgrow it. But how about the ones who are physically and emotionally handicapped for life? And what about the ones who commit suicide and have no more life? Shame on you administrators, members of the Highlands County commissioners, and parents and grandparents. You were all given the opportunity to attend this movie through the newspaper, library and county officials. Where were you?
Marilyn Jacobs Sebring Toyota is not American Why is the tax money we earn from our American jobs being spent on the U.S. Army’s sponsorship of Toyota in NHRA drag racing? Our own military is backing a Japanese carmaker in professional drag racing! What? Why? I see all kinds of wrong with this. Our military should be backing American-owned carmakers like Ford and Chevy. Keep the money here in the U.S. Then the military wonders why they are being cut back due to American job loss, which they are helping to make even worse? While I am on the racing subject, maybe one of you NASCAR fans out there can explain to me why Toyota was allowed to participate in NASCAR in the first place? Toyota is not an American-owned company. I’ve read where Toyota was allowed to use race-only engines in NASCAR because they pretty much had only lawnmower engines in their arsenal. Ford and Chevy still had to use stock block engines. If I am wrong about this, I would like a NASCAR fan out there to please correct me. A couple of years ago, Toyota started running away with wins in NASCAR until they were caught lying about their engine output results which gave them a huge advantage over Ford and Chevy. I know cheating has been part of NASCAR, but when you’re given preferred treatment from the beginning, you shouldn’t have to bend the rules. A couple of weeks ago, Toyota was for having illegal internal engine parts in NASCAR. Of course, they blamed the engine builder. Jerry Nargelovic Sebring