Letters to the editor

Lower speed limit The tragic death of a motorist on Memorial Drive last Friday evening, as reported in Sunday’s Highlands Today, was followed by a very similar accident at the intersection of Memorial and Sunset Drive. Luckily, no one died in that one accident but one of the drivers was so seriously injured she had to be removed from her car by an ambulance crew and taken to the hospital. These accidents bear witness to the danger of allowing a 45-mph speed limit on Memorial, a winding and relatively narrow two-lane road, intersected at various points by neighborhood streets and by the driveways to private homes. Allowing such high speeds on Memorial is just inviting accidents. Prudence would demand that the speed limit on Memorial, at least that portion between Sebring Parkway and Valerie Boulevard, be reduced to 35 mph without delay. I would hope that the responsible authorities will act quickly to do so.
Harvey Utech Sebring Honest man I have never met Dick Ford, but I agree with most everything he writes. Joseph J. Oros, in a letter appearing May 12, has questioned Mr Ford's ability to understand what he hears. It is my opinion, from Oros' own letter, that Oros may be the one lacking understanding. Ford's letters are based on fact and convictions and he does not “parrot” what someone else says. The U.S. Constitution is not a “living” document as Oros and our president think; it can only legally be changed by amendment as in the past. It should not be ignored on the whim of a few “progressives.” If Jack Tuberville (which one?) was able to fire his gun at 4,000 rounds a minute, it has nothing to do with the Constitution and the same with eye surgery in 15 minutes, modern electronic devices, unemployment, prices or the value of gold. How the progressives are prone to worship humanity and human achievements. Bob Hjort Lake Placid Where’s the drumbeat? Tucked away in an article in the Tampa Tribune the other day was this bit of good news: “The U.S. government reported a surplus of $113 billion for the month of April, the largest in five years and a sign of the nation's improving finances.” Of course, the conservative Tampa Tribune wouldn't want readers to notice this important item so they made it a teeny, little article. The story goes on to point out that economic growth and higher tax rates have contributed to keep this year's budget deficit to be the smallest since 2008 (when W was destroying the economy). Since the beginning of the year the deficit is $488 billion while last year at the same time it was $720 billion. In another bit of good news, the stock market is at its highest level ever. Wonder if our “socialist” president had anything to do with this? Millie Grime Sebring