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Tuesday, Oct 06, 2015


America runs scared from one of its most pressing issues

Let’s face it, America’s chicken. Make that Congress is too wimpy. So are the American people. We know there’s a big problem with people being gunned down in public places but we would rather send out “positive thoughts an...
Published: 10/04/15

No flying cars, but UAVs are popping up everywhere

Several decades ago the so-called visionaries claimed we would be buzzing around in flying cars by 2015. That didn’t happen, but something else not predicted is taking the world by storm - unmanned aerial vehicles, or some people incorrectly c...
Published: 09/27/15

Avon Park has opportunity for a do-over on fire assessments

We’ve all wanted a do-over more than once in our lives. It would be an opportunity to right a wrong or just make a better decision. The Avon Park City Council has an opportunity to get its fire department situation fixed, and we hope they do i...
Updated one month ago

Is the county volunteer fire system that dangerous?

Should fire service be a full-time regional service provided through Highlands County administrators and commissioners? For the record, this is the practice in Polk, Hardee, Desoto, Glades and Okeechobee counties. It is my opinion that Highlands Coun...
Updated one month ago

One person’s determination can make a difference

The power behind one determined individual should never be underestimated. We’ve seen it happen in multiple settings and various sizes all over the world. And we’ve witnessed it here locally as well. Most recently we saw Ferron Jackson ...
Updated one month ago

It might not be a drug cartel, but turtle syndicate if bad enough

Criminal enterprises operating in Florida are nothing new. Our law enforcement does an amazing job keeping the bad guys at bay, but the sheer number of them constantly prove many are at work, stealing from everyone. In Miami it might be cocaine, and ...
Updated: 2 months ago

Trump’s comments not about political correctness

Most of us agree that political correctness often goes too far in this country. Trying to figure out what a particular race or nationality wants to be called these days can get a little ridiculous. But most of us know there’s a line in there w...
Updated: 2 months ago

Websites have a high opinion of Sebring and Highlands County

Sometimes praise comes when we least expect it. And sometimes it comes and we still don’t quite understand it, although we’ve always been bullish on our cities and towns. But we’ll take it and hope these projections hold true.
Updated: 2 months ago

Grand jury’s report is damning for Highlands Youth Academy

Sometimes what appears to be a great operation turns out to be a complete failure, and possibly even worse. That’s what Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd, State Attorney Jerry Hill and a grand jury said about the former Avon Park Youth Academy, w...
Updated: 2 months ago

Sebring should add firefighters and police position

There’s a time for tough choices and a time to set things right again. Sebring has that opportunity and it appears as if a majority of the City Council is prepared to make it happen. Good for them.
Updated: 3 months ago