Who does the TDC work for?

I attended a Tourist Development Council grant guideline panel meeting Aug. 17. It took place in the small conference room in the TDC office. I was the only member of the public in attendance.
Published: 08/24/16

Lottery dollars need to be distributed equitably to ensure adequate school funding

In response to Jason Biance’s question, if Proposition 5 doesn’t pass, what then?
Published: 08/18/16

Blackman is our choice for sheriff in the Republican primary

As the Highlands Today editorial board interviewed the three Republican candidates running for sheriff in the Aug. 30 primary, one thing became increasingly evident — once the last interview was done and time came for us to vote, we had our jo...
Published: 08/14/16

Little learned from tragedy at Fort Hood

It’s hard to keep track of the mass shootings that have taken the lives of innocent Americans. The Nov. 5, 2009 massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas, is unique because it happened on a military base. The crime was committed by an Army officer, Major Ni...
Updated one month ago

Cruz not right in trying to steal Trump’s thunder

The Republican presidential primary was a bruising journey for many of those who threw their hat in the ring, and, in many ways, tore the party into pieces. Billionaire Donald Trump can liberally share the blame for some of this discontent with his ...
Updated one month ago

SFSC ready for college resource deputy

As of writing this piece, the South Florida State College board of trustees hadn’t met yet, but we hope that one of the items they approved Wednesday evening was the hiring of a full-time college resource deputy to patrol the campus.
Updated one month ago

This is not just another election

While enjoying my peaceful golf cart ride on a beautiful, sunny morning along a tree-lined street in our well-manicured retirement community, another resident stopped me to tell me about the “terrible day” he was having.
Updated one month ago

Please, talk to each other on improving tourism marketing efforts

When Highlands County commissioners meet Tuesday, they are scheduled to vote on a proposal that probably started as an innocent suggestion but has since become a thorny issue — the Tourist Development Commission’s recommendation to chan...
Updated one month ago

Let’s end drama on ‘n’ word investigation

Let’s hope today’s Avon Park City Council meeting, where council members will find out how much the city owes a private investigator who was tasked with looking into the alleged used of the “n” word by Mayor Sharon Schuler...
Updated: 2 months ago

On Fourth of July, remember those who made, kept USA free

Ironically enough, historians say, if Founding Father and second U.S. president John Adams had had his way, the country’s Independence Day would not be celebrated on the day it has for 240 years.
Updated: 2 months ago