Heinous act leaves a baby dead and other children malnourished

It’s impossible to find anything rational in an irrational act. That doesn’t keep us from wondering how a human can be so cruel to another helpless human - especially when it’s a parent harming his or her children.
Everyone in Highlands County is sick at the hell little Milo Rupert faced in his short 9 months on this earth. His mother, Sandra Jackson, and his father, Kyle Rupert, starved the baby boy to death and neglected other children living in the house.
Cockroaches infested the trashy living area these small children inhabited. Only the area where Kyle and his buddies played video games was kept in any semblance of order.
The Department of Children and Families checked on the children a few months before, but the parents had cleaned up a bit, so there was no reason to remove the children, the agency reported.
None of the adults living in that house seemed to mind that the children were starving, that insects were feeding on them and that the baby was losing weight due to malnourishment. This leaves any reasonable person wondering, how can that happen? How can any decent human being do that to another, especially helpless children?
Well, there’s no good answer for that. You can make claims about the parents’ childhoods, but that’s not good enough. A lot of people have bad childhoods but don’t do such things. You can make claims trying to excuse such behavior for other reasons, but they all fall short.
What we know is that the parents of these children were selfish, cruel adults who allowed this to happen. Perhaps others should have intervened, but let’s not deflect blame from where it truly belongs. These parents deserve the prison sentences they face - and more.
The thought of those children not having food and proper living conditions is enough to turn a normal person’s stomach. It’s just not natural for this to happen. It’s not how any reasonable person thinks or acts.
Their actions were heinous, and the results of those actions where horrific. No excuses can change that. Little Milo never stood a chance and we thank God that his older sisters were saved from that house of horrors. They are in a loving home now. All we can hope for is that their young lives are not so scarred from the experience that it affects the rest of their lives.