Let Florida voters decide the medical marijuana decision

It's almost comical when politicians pretend to be protecting us from ourselves, when in fact all they're trying to do is usurp what the people really want. We saw it when budget bills were withheld from being voted on in the U.S. House and Senate. We're seeing it more up close with Florida's Attorney General Pam Bondi wanting to keep a medical marijuana constitutional amendment from being put before voters. Bondi argued before the Florida Supreme Court last week that they should block such a vote on the amendment. She threw a lot of phony concern around, but the fact is she's the latest to carry water for the GOP Legislature that wouldn't even discuss such a bill in the state House or Senate. Medical marijuana laws are being passed in a lot of states because it's being shown to help a lot of people suffering from serious diseases. More doctors are coming on board as evidence mounts showing the benefits to certain patients regarding pain control, nausea and the ability to eat. Why on earth would Bondi or legislators care if Florida voters decided such things? This is something the people should decide, since these politicians don't have the guts or will to do it themselves. If they or family members needed such treatment, you can bet they would support it, or would they? Special interests seem to trump everything else with them, so maybe not. It's shameful.
In Florida, we've seen legislators try their best to overturn ballot measures that the people overwhelmingly supported, such as classroom size. It's unbelievable we let them get away with it. On the medical marijuana issue it seems obvious that they know a strong majority of Floridians are fine with access to it as long as it's controlled. But even if Floridians aren't supportive, they should have a say in the decision. Politicians need to quit listening to what party central has to say and listening to the people they represent. And the people they represent need to send them packing if they aren't doing the common sense will of the people. Step aside, Bondi and any other politicians regarding matters such as this. If the correct number of signatures can be gathered to put in on the ballot, let voters decide.