Letters to the editor

Showing compassion After reading Frank Parker's letter about Jeff Carlson, I have a comment. In Mr. Parker's letter he neglected to mention the young man in question had his minister speak up for him and there were 40 other citizens from Highlands County in the court room in support of him, in addition to the people he mentioned without any monetary remuneration. This young man will suffer for the rest of his life for this tragic accident. In our world, there must be forgiveness. After reading this article and his unfortunate comments, it is evident he knows little of the circumstances in this situation. Marilyn McKay
Sebring Stop bullying I would like to congratulate the language arts teacher Courtney Germaine and the sixth-grade students at Sebring Middle School for their project Stand Up and Stop Bullying. It has become a nationwide problem - another subject added to a teacher's curriculum. I taught for 37 years on Long Island, N.Y. Bullying did exist to some extent, but the multi-media has created a monster "show and tell" 24/7. Since this will be a nationwide project, I request that the students send a pink button to each member of Congress and request them to stop assaulting each other and concentrate on the problems in our country. Children are like sponges; they absorb what they hear and see, and act on it. Maybe these kids will be the adults in the room. Best of luck, kids. June M. McDonough Avon Park In his column of Sept. 28, Michael Barone compares "global warming alarmists" to those who thought the world would end in 1844. I have always been baffled at why Highlands Today carries Barone's columns. Barone's pretense of tackling science only reveals that it isn't his subject. Barone suggests that "variations in sun activity," not greenhouse gases, is the cause of climate change. He doesn't understand that the relation between the sun and the earth's climate is not so simple. It has been documented that the earth can warm even during a solar lull. It depends on how much heat the earth absorbs and how much it reflects. For more on the science, go to livescience.com and search for "sun warming." In the same column, Barone commends the Seventh-day Adventists for building hospitals. The SDA are a paradoxical sect. The church specifically promotes creationism and seems to have hardened that position in 2010. At the same time, the SDA church's stand on abortion is basically the same as Roe vs. Wade. Abortion is between the pregnant woman and God. For the SDA, this comes about because the prophet-founder, Ellen White, wrote a book on sexual morality and never mentioned abortion. Why do the SDA build hospitals? While the Bible teaches that God sends disease, Ellen White said that disease comes from Satan. "Satan is the originator of disease, and the physician is warring against his work and power," she said in "Testimonies of the Church, Volume 5." She draws the conclusion that since doctors are battling Satan, you have to go to a doctor who shares your religion. So SDA's should go to SDA doctors. I would put more emphasis on going to a doctor who knows medicine. In the same way, I would rather listen to the scientific community rather than the rightist drivel of Michael Barone. Dale L. Gillis Sebring