Letters to the editor

Building a web page Obamacare, March 21, 2010 to Oct. 1, 2013 is three years, six months, 10 days. World War II, Dec. 7, 1941 to May 8, 1945 is three years, five months, one day. What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day Germany surrendered is not enough time for this progressive federal government to build a working web page. Mobilization of millions, building tens of thousands of tanks, planes, Jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc. Turning the tide in North Africa, invading Italy, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, race to Berlin - all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific! And in that amount of time, this administration can't build a working web page.
Ed Roberts Lake Placid AP community On behalf of the Christian community of Highlands County, we would like to express our regrets that Vincent Akhimie is no longer the director of public works for the City of Avon Park. On behalf of the "Taking Back Our Cities Initiative," we looked forward to working with Mr. Vincent. He was appointed by the city manager to work with us and any concerns we might have as it relates to the areas of our cities that would need revitalizing. We want to see "life" or "revitalization" in our neighborhoods - a thriving community. Away with oppression, poverty and criminal activities. Now that Mr. Vincent is gone, wouldn't it be a good idea to hire a grant writer to put inner-city youth programs in place, recreation centers or a multicultural and performing arts center for our children and youth to enjoy? Who needs all of these charter schools? We need inner-city youth programs or a safer place for them to socialize or to gather or to learn. This initiative would detour crime and force buildings that are currently used as fronts and havocs for drug activities to be shut down. Wouldn't it be nice to have an aquatic water park on the beachfront that would take up an entire block? Historically, this was an area of much "black on black" crime. God did not give you this idea but He gave it to us; the faith-based community. Vincent Akhimie, we the Christian community value you and feel that you are worth more than $70,000 a year. We pray that your replacement would have a love for this community as you did. If this change made by the city manager is going to make the city more effective, then we thank God for your humility in stepping aside. If this sounds like something you would like to hear more about, please contact us at 243-1054 or (561) 767-1778. Mr. Akhimie, we pray God's speed. The Rev. Barbara J. Robinson Avon Park Reinforced point Mr. Morgan wrote a column stating that he and others (add me to that list) have experienced an increased degree of hostility (and might I add immaturity) from right-wingers that seems unnecessary and undesirable when talking politics. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Booth wrote a "rebuttal letter" suggesting that Mr. Morgan should move if he doesn't like it. Doesn't the rebuttal letter reinforce the point of Mr. Morgan's letter? Roger McAllister Sebring