Local humane society does amazing work, despite its critics

It’s great to see progress being made on the new kennels at the Highlands County Humane Society. Forty new kennels are under construction and should be completed by the end of the year.

The humane society provides a critical service for Highlands County, and if you have knowledge of what goes on out there, you realize that a lot of loving, hardworking people pour their time, money and efforts into making it a place that saves animals’ lives.

These new kennels will be high quality. Special drainage is built in to make cleaning the kennels easier and fans will help provide relief in Florida’s sweltering heat.

Future plans include better facilities for the clinic, cats and smaller dogs. As is, the kennels are full and they are unable to take in more animals. That’s sad, but it’s a no-kill facility and until the animals are adopted, they live there being fed and taken care of as well as possible.

There’s a local group of naysayers who make all kinds of unfounded claims against the humane society. Highlands Today did early stories about them but quickly found that nothing was substantiated and it appeared that these critics just wanted to take over the shelter. If any real evidence of wrongdoing surfaces, we will cover it, but that’s not been the case.

It hasn’t stopped the group from trying to damage the shelter. They post information they claim are facts but are nothing more than irresponsible accusations. They’ve had law enforcement investigate and nothing came of it because those allegations had no merit. But they keep on, trying to damage the facility and its leaders. It’s heartbreaking because all it does is harm the animals they supposedly care about.

Highlands Today has been accused of trying to protect leadership at the shelter. Nothing could be further from the truth. But any responsible media outlet should not be used to spread false information, so we’ll take whatever heat they want to dish out. Their accusations mean nothing without evidence, and they haven’t produced any. They can try to make their claims looks legitimate, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.

What most people know and see at the humane society is a group of volunteers who do amazing things with the limited resources they have. But there will always be critics of everything, and that’s to be expected. The bad news is that it leaves some people confused. It shouldn’t.

Highlands County has a quality facility that’s getting better, and will serve the pet population and the people who love them well into the future. They need our help to keep doing that.