Violence brewing in Iraq was not difficult to predict

So sectarian violence is sweeping through Iraq, with Sunnis and Shiites killing each other in droves. Who could have imagined that ever happening? After all, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld said we would be greeted has heros liberating that country. Fact is, anyone with any common sense could foresee the day this would happen.

Sunni militants swept through several Iraqi towns last week, taking them over and executing many Shiites. Shiites have countered, doing much the same thing. It’s 2006-’07 all over again. But the same politicians who are aghast at this violence - especially with Obama as president - forget that this situation was set up the day President Bush used “shock and awe” to invade the country years ago.

At some point American troops would come home. At some point the country would be on its own. So it makes sense that whatever kind of peace there was would be shattered when one side or the other decided it was time. That time is now and both sides are doing it.

Americans must realize that when we interfere in countries like this, peace can never follow. Only through brutal dictatorship did any semblance of peace exist in the first place. This isn’t World War II with peace accords and treaties signed and followed. It just doesn’t happen in that part of the world.

It wouldn’t matter who was president of the United States, sooner or later, once we left, this was going to happen. But, of course, Obama is blamed. Bush would have been blamed, too, but at least he’s the one who started it. Thousands of Americans and untold thousands of Iraqis died as a result.

What all Americans must remember is that we need our people out of that quagmire. Without occupying any of the countries where we’re involved in at this time, this kind of thing will happen. It’s ugly, brutal, bloody and horrible, but we just need to know when to get out, and more importantly, when not to enter in the first place.

We’ll read of atrocities coming from those countries. They happened before we invaded and will continue to happen. We can make up excuses to intervene, and get our soldiers killed, if we allow it to happen, but we shouldn’t.

The mess in the Middle East has simmered and boiled over for thousands of years. No intervention by our country will change that. As hard as it will be, other than some assistance to governments that support us, we must walk away.