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2 vie for assistant superintendent position

SEBRING - Superintendent Wally Cox will choose between two district administrators to fill the position of Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. Secondary Program Director Ruth Heckman and Park Elementary Principal Brenda Longshore interviewed for the top curriculum post on Friday. The interview committee met, so now Cox will make the decision, but he likely won’t have a chance to address it this week, Cox’s secretary Pat Kules said Monday. Cox is leaving for Tallahassee today where he and other superintendents will meet with Gov. Rick Scott on Wednesday, Kules said. While in Tallahassee, Cox will also do some work with the Florida Association of District Superintendents Association.
Kules did not know what issues Scott planned to discuss with the superintendents. Cox is scheduled to return to Highlands County on Thursday. Meanwhile, Cox will be reviewing the applications for the Lake Country Elementary principal position, but he will wait to make a decision on that position until he fills the assistant superintendent position, Kules said. He wants the new assistant superintendent to have input on the principal selection. Kules said about five candidates applied for the Lake Country principal position. The application deadline was Friday for the position. Human Resources Manager Jodi Lee said her department has “tweaked” its application processing and will not disclose the list of candidates until they have been screened. She would not say how many applied for the position. Her staff has not yet screened them and there is still a piece of the process that has to take place, Lee said. Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum/Instruction Rebecca Fleck is resigning from the school district at the end of the school year. mvalero@highlandstoday.com

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