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100 fire hydrants to be painted pink

SEBRING — For those not too familiar with Sebring’s fire hydrants, they may not realize the hydrants have a variety of colors, yellow on the main part of it and either red, orange, green or blue on the top.

But people who want to increase breast cancer awareness are hoping that in October — Breast Cancer Awareness Month — residents will take note that many of the hydrants will be painted pink.

The Sebring City Council granted a request from Bobbie Clark, a breast cancer survivor, to have 100 fire hydrants painted pink in the downtown area in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The painting of the fire hydrants also is expected to coincide with the Pink Army Strut event, which in part helps increase awareness of the need for mammograms.

“We’re not only going to have the Pink Strut, but we’re also going to the paint the town pink,” said Cathy Albritton, director of marketing for Florida Hospital in Sebring and also a prime organizer of the Pink Army Strut.

Sebring has 680 fire hydrants.

Clark told the City Council that 680 would be too large of a number for the volunteers to handle. So they decided on just doing 100, she added.

But they will be painting only the “body” of the fire hydrants because the colors on the top represent how much water can come from the hydrant when the firefighters are trying to extinguish a blaze.

Fire Chief Brad Batz said a red top means the hydrant is capable of 500 gallons a minute, an orange top means 501 to 999 gallons per minute, a green top represents 1,000 to 1,400 gallons per minute and a blue top means 1,500 gallons per minute.

Batz said those hydrants closest to the source of the water are capable of providing the water at the highest speed.

He said fire engineers can gauge how much water is needed. They can hook hoses up to multiple hydrants, if the need is there.


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