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Agero to increase workforce to around 600 during the next year

—A business that takes calls from people who need roadside assistance plans to hire 100 more employees during the next year, its local director said Monday.

Agero, which has a call center in Sebring -- the shopping center where the south Winn-Dixie is located--expects to increase its number of employees from 500 to more than 600, said Barry Bittner, Sebring contact center director for Agero.

Bittner said Agero handles roadside assistance plans customers receive from automobile manufacturers or insurance companies.

An increasing volume of calls has dictated the need for more employees, Bittner said. He said the call center handles more than eight million calls a year.

While Agero doesn’t publicly disclose salary information, the pay is competitive with other employers, said Judy B. Stone, director of human resources.

Stone said new employees receive about a month of training, including spending two weeks with current employees. They also receive help from certified coaches, she added.

The most important qualities potential employees need are the ability and desire to provide good customer service, Bittner said.

There’s no requirement that employees have experience working in a call center, he said. In many cases, employees come from retail businesses or restaurants, he added.

“The skills they gain there are very transferrable to what we do,” Bittner said.

If a person wants to and has the ability to provide customer service, Agero can provide any additional training that’s needed, he said.

Employees receive calls from all over the United States, he said. An employee may talk to a caller from Florida one minute and one from California the next, he said.

Besides helping callers get their vehicle towed or a similar service, employees may also help them find the best route to a destination, Stone said.

Stone said that both full-time and part-time positions are open, depending on the needs of the person hired.

Those interested in a job with Agero can apply at www.agero.com or visit the call center, where they will also use a computer to apply.


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