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Animal rescue group holds benefit raffles

— Sebring Angels Inc. is a newly formed nonprofit group “dedicated to saving animals from death row.”

“We strive to be human angels for animals, advocating for their lives, humane treatment, spay and neuter education and responsible ownership,” the group said in a news release.

The volunteer-driven group raffled a trip to Las Casitas Village in Puerto Rico to benefit Adam Vigue, a leukemia patient.

He underwent chemotherapy, the group states, and is now ready for a transplant. Sebring Angels Inc. did this raffle to help him and his family defray some of the costs of his medical treatments.

They were able to present him a check for $1,550. The raffle winner, Linda Stephens, will be given $500 toward airfare.

The group will be having a second raffle for a stay at Las Casitas to benefit the animals the group rescues. A third raffle will benefit the Humane Society of Highlands County.

Many of the dogs the group has saved are in foster homes and some of these dogs have medical issues.

Sebring Angels has to pay for their treatments and provide heartworm medication as well as flea and tick medication, the group said.

“Some of our fosters are able to provide this for them but others cannot and we have to help. Fostering an animal can be an extremely rewarding experience for both you and the dog or cat you foster,” the group said. “The primary role is to provide a loving home environment for the dog or cat as you would for your own pet, socializing the dog in order to make a successful transition to his/her furever home.”

Those interested in adopting or fostering a dog or cat, should contact sebringangels@gmail.com or visit them on Facebook, Sebring Angels and Sebring Fl Urgents.

Those interested in buying a raffle ticket can email sebring angels@gmail.com or call Angela Ruckman at (863) 446-4446.

Tickets are a $10 donation.