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Annual SFSC Art Awards recognizes students

The South Florida State College Museum of Florida Art and Culture recognized student talent April 17 at the 2014 SFSC Student Art Show Awards.

Erika Pascual won the Tanglewood Art League Scholarship of $300. This honor recognizes overall exceptional achievement in the arts during the academic year.

SFSC Art Department awards went to Kristina Mullins for painting; Cheyanne Hazard and Fabiola Lopez for drawing; Jennifer Cochran for pottery; and Gabe Clogston for computer graphics.

The Juried Art Awards went to Roy Douglas and Omar Montelongo for drawing; Mullins and Ronika Baldwin for painting; Clogston and Montelongo for graphic design; Cochrin and Fabiola Lopez for sculpture; Hope Flowers and Clogston for mixed-media; Flowers and Hazard for design; and Chloe Cash and Hazard for photography.

The Max Gooding Purchase Awards recognizes achievement for individual artwork that will be added to the SFSC Student Art Collection, displayed throughout the campus. This year the Gooding awards were for Douglas, Flowers, Pascual and Molly Haney.

The MOFAC Docent Award recognizes artistic excellence in the arts and outstanding service to the college, art department and museum. This year’s awards went to Clogston, Flowers and Toni Crunkleton.