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AP councilor files ethics complaint against city manager

AVON PARK - Councilman Garrett Anderson has filed an ethics complaint against City Manager Julian Deleon, claiming he has been “the victim of a vicious attack from a city official.” In a March 7 letter to the Commission on Ethics, Anderson wrote: “After becoming elected, Avon Park’s city manager, Julian Deleon, threatened me stating that if I made an attempt to interfere in any of his personal business, that he would cause serious ramifications for my personal business, Anderson Arms.” Anderson noted that soon after he took office on the city council, Deleon sought from the council an extension on the-then requirement for the city manager to relocate his residence within the city limits. Anderson was against the extension and cast the sole “no” vote when council deleted the requirement.
“From that meeting on, Mr. Deleon has been attacking my personal business, Anderson Arms,” Anderson stated in the letter. “Deleon contacted the Highlands County Building Department inspector, S.Y. Moseley, and the Avon Park Fire Department’s Interim chief, David Cloud, and demanded that they administer an immediate inspection on the business of Anderson Arms with the intention of shutting it down immediately.” He threatened Moseley and Cloud that their jobs would be “in jeopardy” if they did not comply with his demands and find a complaint with Anderson Arms, Anderson stated in the letter. Deleon told Highlands Today: “I am self-reporting complaints that he has filed about me and I am waiving my confidentiality rights. I don’t want a cloud to hang over the City of Avon Park with rumors and innuendos about misconduct by the city manager.” He wants the city council to authorize an investigation into his “conduct as alleged by Councilman Anderson,” Deleon said. The ethics commission will likely take one to two years to get through the complaint, he said. That is why he is immediately requesting the city council to investigate some of the specific allegations and issue a “ruling on the matter.” “They are going to have to talk to people; they are going to have to bring in witnesses,” Deleon said. “I am prepared to deal with those consequences.”


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