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AP cuts three finance/accounting positions

AVON PARK - The city council approved City Manager Julian Deleon's recommendation to cut three city financial/accounting positions and expand the city's contract with a certified public accounting firm. Deleon told the city council that during the last five or more years, the city has experienced issues with financial internal controls, late reconciliations and further problems with developing independent financial statements. For the first time this year, the city's financial statements were prepared without the auditor's involvement or assistance, he said. The financial statements were prepared strictly by the city's contracted CPA John Davis. Deleon added that the audit was still 30 days late due to staff delays in the reconciliations of various "critical" city accounts, which were needed to complete the financial statements in a timely manner.
Deleon recommended expanding the city's contract for accounting and bookkeeping services with Wicks, Brown and Williams, CPA. The 2013-14 fiscal year's budget will be formally adopted at the next two city council meetings in September, so council still has time to implement some proposed changes, he noted. Deleon recommended deleting the following positions from the city's payroll: accounting/finance supervisor ($55,000), utility billing supervisor ($51,000) and accountant ($64,000). Also recommended, changing the position of administrative services coordinator from part-time to full-time status with a pay range of $42,000. Deleon proposed adding an additional $100,000 annually to Wicks, Brown & Williams existing contract of $40,000 to perform the city's payroll and all high-level accounting duties. The changes would provide a net savings of $30,000 annually, he said. The city council voted 4-1 to cut the three positions and approved the related adjustments to the 2013-14 budget. Garrett Anderson cast the "no" vote. mvalero@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5826