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AP garbage rates may go down

AVON PARK - A very small percentage of citizens participated in the city's online sanitation/recycling poll, but based on the results, the monthly sanitation fee may be reduced. City Manager Julian Deleon said the city's proposed 2014 sanitation budget will reduce residential sanitation rates for the second consecutive time by another 11 percent to a $16 per-month fee while keeping the service the same. Three years ago, the city's residential rates were as high as $20 a month, he noted. "We have made some great progress by modernizing and paying off the sanitation fleet," Deleon said. "We have provided all residents with garbage and recycling carts."
The new carts have hinged lids, which has kept water weight out of the carts, he noted. The removal of water weight out of the carts is considered a best management practice and provides a large saving in landfill tipping fees. The city had 30 respondents, out of 4,300 accounts, to the poll that was open for more than 30 days, according to Deleon. "The poll provided the city with some input and this is much appreciated," he said. "I am highly pleased with the continued recycling efforts of city residents and the business community. We are diverting over 40 tons every month in recyclables. According to the poll, the majority of respondents recycle." The poll questions and results follow: The current residential garbage service fee is $18/month with once per week pickup for regular garbage and once per week on recycling. Is this service level acceptable? Yes: 20 votes (67 percent) No: 10 votes (33 percent) If we maintain the current once/week pickup for both recycling and garbage, rates can be reduced from $18/month to $16/month. Would you support reducing rates if service is kept the same? Yes: 18 votes (64 percent) No: 10 votes (36 percent) Would you prefer to keep rates at the current $18/month and return to twice/week pickup on regular garbage and recycling on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month? Yes: 12 votes (44 percent) No: 15 votes (56 percent) Do you like your garbage/recycling carts? Yes: 28 votes (93 percent) No: 2 votes (7 percent) Do you currently participate in the City's recycling program? Yes: 29 votes (97 percent) No: 1 vote (3 percent) mvalero@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5826