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Association to submit proposal to county on golf cart use

— The Avon Park Lakes Community Association will submit a proposal to Highlands County that members hope will lead the way to designating all or some streets there as suitable for golf cart use.

Ray Schultz, the chairman of the association’s governing board, said the proposal will include requirements for yearly inspections on golf carts in use in Avon Park Lakes.

The inspection fee would be $60, with $40 going toward the cost of signs on roads regarding the use of golf carts, he said.

Schultz said that if Avon Park Lakes is designated a golf cart community, which would allow people 16 years old and older to drive golf carts on development streets, it’s uncertain how many signs would need to be purchased, most likely with the community being responsible for the cost, county officials have said.

The impetus for seeking the golf cart community designation came from Peggy Bennett, whose stepson, Brandon Bennett, wants to ride a golf cart to Lake Olivia to fish. Because of a rare disease that affects his bones, he’s unable to drive a car or walk very far.

The problem is state law prohibits use of golf carts on any street or road unless the county designates the thoroughfare as safe for golf cart use.

Schultz said that if the designation gets approved, the inspection for daytime use will include brakes, tires, mirrors and other parts.

Some residents questioned the inspections, but Schultz said he was told addressing safety issues is important.

Joann Kramer, a resident, said she believes including inspections will help.

“It shows them we’re serious and we want to do things right,” she said.


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