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Avon Park breaks out the lederhosen

AVON PARK - It came to James Leonhardt in a dream. "But it was calculus," the Sebring man said Saturday morning at his Main Street booth during the sixth annual Octoberfest. Anna Richard suggested that her husband scale back to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, which is the card game he showed to customers. One game sells for $15, four for $50. Monster Math was among dozens of clever vendors. Dan Goodwin of Frostproof uses a wet-tile saw to cut the dimpled bottoms out of wine bottles. Set on top of a Patron cork and impaled on a stick, they make perfect sombreros for what he calls Plant Buddies. The bottles become wind chimes or planters.
"My wife has the ideas," Goodwin said. "I do the work." A classic female-male relationship. "I heard that," Elizabeth Doyle smiled. Henry's Tiki of Lake Placid brought waist-high wooden totems. "A guy from Fort Myers makes them." And of course there was the aroma. Victory Tabernacle smoked ribs and jerked chicken next to the pavilion for $8 and $7 a plate, competing with the kettle corn, which was $5 for a forearm-sized sleeve. A teacher stopped at Leonhardt's booth with advice: "Go to planning days." He welcomed the hint. Just out of production, he's sold only 25 so far, but he is promoting the game on his own website leonhardtgames.com, and he's selling it on Amazon.com. He dealt three hands and flipped over a card: 20. The three girls in front of him had to use their cards, plus ones with minus, plus, divide and multiply to equal 20. "Fun, huh?" gpinnell@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5828