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Avon Park city clerk resigns

AVON PARK - After serving the City of Avon Park for just over 12 years, City Clerk Cheryl Tietjen officially resigned from her position.

Maria Sutherland, Avon Park director of administrative services, confirmed Thursday that Tietjen had tendered her resignation effective Feb. 10. She said the former city clerk turned in her resignation papers in Sutherland's City Hall office Monday before noon. She said for now, Tietjen's position would not be filled and her duties would be assumed by Sutherland, whose title will be modified as "Administrative Services Director & City Clerk."

Sutherland's duties would now include overseeing human resources, utility billing and the city's Community Redevelopment Agency operations, along with her staff of eight employees.

"I have the utmost confidence in her proven ability to lead and manage operations," said Julian Deleon, city manager.

According to Tietjen's resignation agreement and release provided by Brenda Silva, the city's human resource specialist and risk manager, stated when she resigned, Tietjen was being paid $19.76 per hour and her severance package includes 240 hours - six weeks - of pay less applicable deductions.

"I think she was a great asset to the city and treated everyone with respect. The city will miss her professionalism," Sutherland said.

As stated in her resignation papers, Tietjen "forever discharges the City from any and all lawsuits, claims, rights, damages, debts" and other "released claims."

City Manager Julian Deleon said her position wouldn't be immediately filled and "we do not rush to fill jobs, not in this economy. We have repeatedly consolidated positions to see efficiency and taxpayer savings."

Some of those who worked or dealt with Tietjen described her as friendly but very business-like and generally avoided conflict. However, in an Aug. 1, 2013, letter to city council members, eight city workers - including Tietjen - called for Deleon to be placed on administrative leave until an investigation into alleged "intimidation" in the workplace had been completed.

The group later clarified their position, reportedly telling Councilman Parke Sutherland that Deleon was doing a "great job."

"Cheryl was a reliable and dependable employee. We wish her well," Deleon said.

"She will be missed at city council meetings and the work she does there and with the council," said Deputy Mayor and Councilwoman Brenda Giles.

Tietjen, who started with Avon Park Dec. 24, 2001, could not be reached for comment Thursday.


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