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Avon Park RV Park annexed

– Frankie Hudson said the vote came without much warning: the approved annexation of the mobile home park her father had owned and was now hers.

The owner of Lake Glenada RV & Mobile Home Park, 2525 U.S. 27, said she was caught off-guard when she found out the 22.3-acre mobile home park was up for annexation by the City of Avon Park -- and it was.

At the Avon Park City Council Regular Meeting Monday, the council voted 3-1, Mayor Sharon Schuler was absent, to bring the park between south Main Street and Davis Citrus Road into the City.

Hudson said she was given short notice about the plan to bring the park’s approximate 200 units she inherited from her late-father, Edgar Hudson, into the City.

“I know nothing about it. It’s a little disconcerting to me because my dad made this agreement I know nothing about,” she told city council.

Avon Park City Manager Julian Deleon said the annexation was made possible when Edgar Hudson entered into an annexation covenant when the mobile home park connected to Avon Park’s utility system in 2011. He said the City gave Hudson over 14 days of notice on the final ordinance reading to the address on record with the Highlands County property appraiser and a park manager on-site was also notified.

“We continue to grow and my belief is that this annexation adds another 300 to 400 residents into the city,” said Deleon.

Hudon, who has owned the RV park since Oct. 2012, said she inherited the paperwork on the covenant and her father, who had cancer, “was not in any condition to transfer any information to me.”

“I’m a taxpayer; I pay taxes in this state and I didn’t know what was going on,” she told the city council.

City Attorney Gerald Buhr said Hudson should have known the covenant was in place and could have legally refused the inheritance if that was a problem.

After a motion to annex the property was made by Councilman Terry Heston and seconded by Councilman Parke Sutherland, the City Council voted to annex the property.

Over the past half year, Deleon estimates about 210 acres have been added to Avon Park, with an estimated 900 residential homes.


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