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Business Profile: Heal By Touch Massage Therapy

Name of business: Heal By Touch Massage Therapy Location: 100 YMCA Ln., Sebring
Hours: By appointment only 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday Phone number: 414-7830 Who owns the business? Timothy Wheaton, MA 70737 Why did you start the business? To provide affordable massage therapy for continued rehabilitation and provide consult on how to self-maintain a pain-free life. Is there anything unique about your business that makes it different from the competition? I focus on rehabilitating my clients with the goal to get them pain-free and self-reliant with the least amount of massage therapy sessions. I also offer free consultation and home therapy exercises after every session, as well as $5 off the first session. What challenges do you face in business? Informing the public of the numerous health benefits of massage therapy that goes beyond relaxing muscles. Releasing pinched nerves and freeing frozen or stiff joints are a few examples. What do you like about your business? I am able to go to work every day to help people no only feel better, but to also better their overall health and quality of life.