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Can thief takes from Cub Scout bins

AVON PARK - For almost 30 years, the aluminum can bin outside the Cub Scout house of Avon Park's Pack 156 has been its only fundraiser. The several thousand recycled cans sold over the years have not only paid the day-to-day expenses of the Cub Scout pack, they have also helped many boys from needy families join scouting. Until now. Someone has been stealing bags of cans over the last few months, leaving the Cub Scout pack's treasurer, Debbie Barber, angry and perplexed.
A few months ago, someone stole $85 worth of cans, Barber said. Then two weeks ago, other bags went missing. The same thing happened last week. Barber estimates they lost $15 to $20 worth of cans each time the last two times. "The majority of the community helps us and realizes the good Cub Scouts do," Barber said. "If they don't, they didn't have Scouts in their youth." "The can bin has helped many, many projects over the years," she said. The bin sits outside on the Scout House property, 202 Robert Britt St., Avon Park, across from the Avon Park Public Library. It's enclosed and locked except on the top, to allow people to throw in the bags. The top is lined with barbed wire but Barber figures someone could have used a grabber to get the cans out. Barber said they've never had a problem with stealing before until now. She spoke with the Highlands County Sheriff's Office and was told that nothing could be done since no one saw the thefts being committed. Barber is hoping that people call authorities in the event they see someone trying to sneak the bags out. For those who want to donate cans, the Scout house is open from 6 to 7 p.m. Monday and from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday.