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Children’s Theatre group preps for summer program

AVON PARK - The curtain will go up in July on a “Cinderella” story featuring student actors and student audience participation in the latest production of the Children's Academy of Theatre, Inc. “It’s a fun show,” said Program Director Krista Flores, who has been directing and operating the theatre group for about 14 years. They will be doing something different this year, she said. Along with performances at the Avon Park Community Center on Main Street, the group will be going on tour with the kids to take the show to places where the children and adults are not able to arrange transportation to the community center. Typically in the past they have booked a full week, Monday through Saturday, at the community center for groups to come in to see the performances, Flores said. Sometimes they come in buses or vans and the general public is also invited to the performances.
“This year we will open up three days where we will tour to the location and perform for kids who have not been able to come in groups because of a lack of transportation, which would include daycare centers and other youth programs that are taking place during the summer,” she said. In its 14 years, The Children’s Academy of Theatre has presented shows at elementary, middle and high schools, South Florida State College and other locations, she noted. “So we are very familiar with touring and we are very comfortable with it, but this is the first time we have offered it through our summer program,” Flores said. “I am just really excited about the opportunity for more kids to be able to see a live performance because it is an important part of the arts and culture.” This summer’s play, “Cinderella, Cinderella,” involves audience participation, she said. Kids from the audience will be selected by the actors to take part in the production, which is kind of a neat twist on things. According to Dramatic Publishing, a group of children from the audience helps an absentminded fairy godmother get Cinderella dressed and ready for the ball; create the wild ride to the castle; and provide a distraught King Ferdinand and a sorrowful prince with a queen and ladies and gentlemen to dance with at the ball. Flores has a tentative schedule of performance dates while she solicits inquiries from child daycares and youth groups that would like to see the play. Performances will be July 1 through 3 and July 5 and 6, she said. July 1 and 2 will be the touring dates while the July 5 and 6 dates will be at the Avon Park Community Center. Depending on the demand, July 3 could be either a tour date or community center date, she said. Starting July 10, the summer program will meet 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Thursday at the Avon Park Community Center. The theatre program is open for children in kindergarten through 12th-grade. Tuition is $250. For more information, to register a child for the summer theatre program or to book a performance of the show, contact Flores at 449-1023.


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