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Chiropractor helps market apps

SEBRING - As a chiropractor, Eric Lewis' interaction with patients is mainly alleviating their back pain or helping them with other physical ailments. But for the past several months, Lewis has also helped businesses, some local and others throughout the country, promote themselves through the use of smart phone apps. "It happened because of my relationship with a patient," he said. Lewis said that one of his regular patients, who was already involved in computer apps, sold him the idea of getting his own app.
He said he really liked the result, which allows him to instantly provide information about his practice to clients who download the app. Earlier last week, Lewis demonstrated that by sending a message about a new publication available on his website. He can provide any information he wants, he said. Lewis is "really into technology" and that interest made him want to follow the lead of his patient and promote the use of apps to others. "It's kind of like a hobby," said Lewis, who has not given up his day job as a chiropractor. Typically, he said, apps available are either used for promotion of a business or organization, gaming or service. A bank, for example, would use a service application where people could deposit a check or check their account balances. Lewis said the business he is involved with primarily deals with promotional apps that can go to nearly any type of business. One of the attractions of the business, he said, is that "you don't have to have bricks and mortar" for it, he said. Designers involved with the business typically work out of their homes and they may be located anywhere in the country, he said. Lewis said the apps not only help businesses keep and gain new customers, but they also save money. He said he lowered his costs by using the app for posting promotional material rather than send the same information through the mail. jmeisel@highlandstoday.com (863) 386-5834