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Closed pharmacy becomes boutique

SEBRING These days if you walk into what used to be Gilbert's Drugs on the downtown circle, you won't find any prescription drugs. Instead, you'll find classy dresses and a variety of other related items at Still Chic Consignment Boutique. And the building was renamed as Galleria 301. In the near future, plans call for an art studio and art classes. "I wanted to get something else going in downtown," said Kathy Doherty, who bought the former pharmacy and worked with others to refurbish the building for different uses.
Doherty said she believes the building was always a pharmacy, since it was built around 1950. At one time, it may have been a Rexall drug store, as signs with that name were found in the attic, said Tami L. Boss, the owner of Still Chic. When Doherty first acquired the building, she said, that inside signs showed where the prescriptions were filled and the location of a soda fountain. She said the pharmacy had been closed for about three years at that time. The building was in decent shape, but Doherty said she felt the color scheme needed to be modernized. Carpeting was also removed. "It was a lot of work to bring the terrazzo (under the carpet back)," Boss said. Boss has made her business a sort of home away from home. Her Chihuahua greets guests. She's also brought a sewing table that her grandmother owns, and a chair owned by her great-grandmother. Neither is for sale. Doherty, Boss and Bev Cranum, who will be the resident artist, are looking potentially for another business, such as antiques, that will fit in the arts and the boutique.

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