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County Commissioner Don Elwell slates town hall-style meeting

SEBRING - Highlands County Commissioner Don Elwell will host a town hall-style meeting at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the Kenilworth Lodge to discuss the upcoming county budget, current county issues and to receive input and suggestions from citizens. The event, Commissioner Elwell's fifth since being elected to the commission in 2010, is scheduled to last approximately two hours. "This year's budget is an extremely important one," Elwell said. " It's another year of declining revenues and our county is going to face a serious challenge in trying to make the ends meet. Additionally, this will be the county's first attempt at a two-year budget, which adds an extra wrinkle to the process this year." Elwell continued, "The commission will begin formal discussions on the budget very soon, starting at our upcoming meeting on July 16. Tuesday's town hall meeting gives interested citizens a little preview of what we'll be facing, but - more importantly - it's a perfect opportunity for me to hear some really valuable input and suggestions as all of the commissioners are looking for ways to reduce expenses in order to balance the budget."
Additionally, there will be considerable time given to discuss other current county issues, while also allowing for general questions & answers from the citizens regarding any county topic. "As with all of these meetings I've hosted, everyone is welcome to attend. The more diverse the audience, the better informed I am as a result. We'll try to cover as much ground as we possibly can, and I look forward to hearing from those I'm fortunate enough to represent," said Elwell. Admission is free, and there will be pizza and beverages for those who arrive early. For more information, contact Elwell at 381 - 5622.