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Cox selects principals

Three elementary schools will have new principals next school year and, in a first for the district, an elementary school will be getting a second assistant principal.

With Cracker Trail Elementary Principal Rick Demeri retiring at the end of the school year, Superintendent Wally Cox recommended the school’s assistant principal, Jeannie Inagawa, for the school’s principal position.

Lake Country Principal Carla Ball, who was an assistant principal at Memorial Elementary, will once again serve at an Avon Park school. She will be succeeding Avon Elementary Principal Pam Burnham who is retiring.

Lake Country Elementary Assistant Principal Erica Ashley will replace Ball as principal of the district’s southern most school.

Cox’s personnel recommendations are subject to approval by the school board.

Cox said Thursday that he believed he won’t be making any other principal changes or appointments.

“I have been trying to get my principals in place because now the next step is I need to advertise for assistant principals and the year is almost over,” he said. “I don’t plan on making any other principal changes, but I do plan on hiring some new assistant principals based on these vacancies.”

The assistant principal vacancies at the elementary schools include the aforementioned Cracker Trail and Lake Country schools along with the second assistant principal position at Lake Placid Elementary.

The school board authorized Cox to hire a second assistant principal at the school due to its growing enrollment. The school will have nearly 950 students while most of the other elementary schools in the district have around 650 students, Cox explained.

The superintendent’s office said the district is also advertising for the assistant principal position at Avon Elementary School.

Also, there has been an interim assistant principal at Avon Park Middle so the district is advertising to fill that position, Cox said.


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