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Man arrested on burglary related charges

SEBRING - Fingerprints on glass doors at an apartment led to the arrest of a suspect in a burglary that occurred on Oct. 24, 2012, according to a report released the week.

Jason Dusseault, 36, 7424 Valencia Road, Sebring, was arrested on a warrant by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office and charged with giving false information to a pawnshop owner, burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, third-degree grand theft and dealing in stolen property.

The arrest came after a woman reported that someone stole a television and a Blu-Ray player from her apartment.

Fingerprints found on the glass doors of the apartment matched those of Dusseault, who was living nearby at the time, the report said.

A fingerprint on a pawn ticket for the Blu-Ray player also matched a fingerprint from Dusseault, the report said.

Dusseault claimed his fingerprints were on the glass doors because he saw them open and attempted to close them.

Man accused of theft

SEBRING - Hiding an electronic item under some boxes of macaroni did not prevent a man from being arrested on a shoplifting charge, according to a report released this week.

Adam Wesley Huntzinger, 31, 3316 Manor Drive, Sebring, was arrested by the Highlands County Sheriff's Office and charged with third-degree grand theft.

Deputies arrested Huntzinger after a Wal-Mart security officer reported seeing him rip some headphones off the shelf and move them to another shelf in the toy section, the report said.

The security officer then saw him grab another electronics item and put it under some boxes of macaroni in his cart, the report said.

The suspect was then observed going back to where he placed the other electronics item and then removing a plastic bag from his pocket, the report said.

Huntzinger is then accused of putting both items in the bag and leaving without paying for the items, the report said.