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Defendant in Doty case gets charged with perjury

— When one of several defendants arrested in connection with the murder of Aaron Doty pleaded guilty last year, she testified to law enforcement that it was true she helped clean up Doty’s blood, Assistant State Attorney Steve Houchin said.

But when Adriana Rodriguez testified for a deposition for the defense several months after the plea agreement, she said she did not help clean up the blood, Houchin said.

That led Houchin to file a charge of perjury last week against Rodriguez, he said. The maximum penalty is five years, he said.

The latest charge came several months after the deposition. Houchin said that circumstances, which he declined to specify, led to the delay in him filing the charge.

A direct information document stated that Rodriguez told law enforcement that “at the request of Jonathan Rodriguez (another defendant in Doty’s slaying) she helped clean blood from a wall that allegedly resulted from an assault on Aaron Doty...”

Doty, 20, died during a party in 2012, an arrest warrant in the case alleges. Authorities accuse Kenneth Edward Felipe Jr. and Jonathan Ray Rodriguez with nearly beating Doty to death at a party and then setting his body on fire June 10, 2012.

Authorities said that Felipe and Rodriguez picked a fight with Doty before beating him unconscious. Authorities allege that the pair later dragged Doty to the woods and set his body on fire. A medical examiner’s report said Doty was still alive when his body was set on fire.

Felipe Jr. and Rodriguez have yet to be tried. Houchin said no date has been set, but “I’m hoping it will be sometime this fall.”

In March 2013, Rodriguez was sentenced to five years probation after pleading guilty to tampering with evidence.


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