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Deputy honored for helping save woman’s life

SEBRING - When the call went out March 10 that a 67-year-old Sebring-area woman appeared to have stopped breathing, Highlands County Deputy Angelic Sanchez was not far away. Sanchez, who received recognition Wednesday afternoon for helping that woman, recalled that when she arrived at the home, Sandra Glidewell was sitting in a recliner and it appeared she wasn’t breathing. She said when she tried to feel Glidewell’s pulse, she “barely felt anything.” Sanchez continued to give Glidewell CPR until emergency medical services employees arrived and took over, she said.
“She was trying to gasp for breath,” Sanchez said of Glidewell. “I kept yelling, Sandy,’Don’t leave me.”’ Later, Sanchez learned that Glidewell had made a full recovery, she said. For helping to save Glidewell, Sanchez received a merit award at the quarterly awards ceremony of the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office. Lance Duvall, an EMS supervisor, told the Sheriff’s Office that “had Deputy Sanchez not taken the initiative of responding promptly and performing CPR, the chances of the victim surviving would be very unlikely,” the award nomination for Sanchez said. Glidewell said she remembers nothing of the event. She said she was suffering from pneumonia in both her lungs and believed that caused the problem. She said she’s very appreciative of Sanchez’s efforts. “I want to toot her horn as much as possible,” Glidewell said. Others receiving recognition, according to nominations presented at the award event included: Deputy Dennis Williams received a letter of recognition for nabbing a suspect in a shooting in the Lake Placid area on April 1. Authorities had received information about a suspect and that he had fled in a green-colored Trailblazer. Subsequently Williams located the vehicle and detained the suspect within the vehicle. The nomination from Sgt. Jamie Davidson said Williams’ “proactive actions resulted in the quick apprehension of a shooting suspect without further incident.” He also received a letter of recognition for his assistance in regards to a bank robbery in Charlotte County on March 19. Davidson wrote in a letter of nomination that Williams’ saw photos of the suspect, recognized him and provided information to the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Mark Brackett received a letter of recognition for attentiveness in the Highlands County jail and noticing that an inmate was tattooing himself with a needle and ink. Both items were seized as contraband. Deputy Paul R. Robitaille Jr. and Detention Service Officer Connie Rousseau received letters of recognition for saving the life of a prisoner who tried to hang himself on March 20, 2013. Detective Kenneth Young and Deputy Max Van D’Huynslager received letters of recognition for their work that led to the January arrest of a burglary suspect. Detective Brett Hinkle and deputies D’Huynslager, Jason Mulligan, Alfredo Campos and Yancy Plair were recognized for their investigation into numerous burglaries September in the Leisure Lakes and Lake June areas. The result was the arrest of three suspects. Detectives Henry Smith and Nathan Coogan received recognition for investigations of several home invasion and business robberies. Victims included Pizza Hut, Family Dollar, Bob Evans Restaurant and Circle K. The investigation led to the arrests of several suspects.


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