Nicole La Placa

Detox your body the natural way

Q: I am interested in doing a detox for weight loss. Can you recommend a program? – Theresa, Sebring Answer: Generally speaking, I do not recommend detox programs or products. However, I do believe a natural detoxification process can provide health benefits such as clearer skin, improved sleep, and weight loss. First, start by eliminating sodas (including diet sodas) and other sugary drinks. These types of beverages contain artificial sweeteners and added calories from sugar that contribute to weight gain. Increasing your water intake will help the body to flush out impurities caused by excess amounts of sugar. It simply cannot be said enough: eat your vegetables. Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that many of us are missing due to diets full of processed foods. Eating more vegetables will provide antioxidants and other nutrients that help reduce inflammation in the body which causes disease and pre mature aging.
Replace sweet snacks such as candy and cookies with naturally sweet foods such as fruit. Incorporating these healthy snacks into your daily meals will curb your sweet tooth and provide fewer calories than pre-packaged snacks. Keeping a food journal is a great way to hold yourself accountable for daily food choices. This will allow you to see exactly what you are eating and from there you can make adjustments for more healthy eating habits. Q: What is the difference between tai chi and yoga? – L.S., Sebring Answer: Yoga is a series of positions that move and stretch the body. The various poses used in yoga strengthen the core muscles (abdominals, back, and thighs). Yoga also focuses on the mind / body connection with breathing exercises. Originally, Tai Chi was used for self-defense. Today, Tai Chi is considered a low impact exercise which makes it suitable for most people. This type of graceful exercise is a series of motions that move and stretch the body. Tai Chi is a slow moving exercise that helps increase flexibility and balance while at the same time reducing anxiety. Tai Chi is also known as ‘meditation in motion’. All exercise provides numerous health benefits and Tai Chi is no exception. This is an ideal exercise to improve overall well-being and reduce stress. Tai Chi is especially important for older adults because it improves balance and helps reduce the risk of falling. Tai Chi classes can be self-taught at home with a DVD. You can also check with your local fitness facilities for times of Tai Chi classes.

Nicole La Placa is a certified health coach and lives in Highlands County. Send letters to or visit