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DeVane Circle restriping rescheduled for Saturday

LAKE PLACID - After wet weather and the late arrival of workers two weeks ago, the DeVane Circle restriping and right-of-way change work has been rescheduled for Saturday.

County Engineer Ramon Gavarrete said that they were not able to finish the restriping of the circle two weeks ago for two reasons - the weather was bad so the pavement was too wet and the stripers showed up a little bit too late.

Now the restriping and right-of-way change for DeVane Circle is scheduled for this Saturday, he said.

Gavarrette noted that it was raining Thursday morning as he was driving through Lake Placid, but he was hoping for good weather on Saturday.

"We are not going to be closing the circle, but there will be a little bit of interruption in the traffic flow obviously because they will be having to do traffic control," he noted.

Once the restriping work is completed, the motorists on the circle will have the right of way and the motorists on the streets approaching the circle will have to yield to the circle traffic, Gavarrete said.

Dennis Mann, who owns the Happy Chef restaurant with his wife, Linda, closed his restaurant Feb. 22 and 23 when the circle was scheduled to be closed to traffic and a detour was planned.

"We closed up; we left because we were afraid we would have no business and I had $800 worth of payroll and I didn't want to risk it," Mann said. "Evidently some of the local people took the barricades down and they used it anyway; It was open all day Saturday and Sunday."

On the agenda for Monday's town council meeting, Public Works Director John Komasa noted that the Public Works Department is waiting for the results of the bidding process for a CDBG [Comunity Development Block Grant] grant. The grant will allow the town to repair and repave the streets south of East Interlake Boulevard and East of South Main Avenue up to U.S. 27.

This project could begin as soon as May, he said.

"This is a giant leap to improving the infrastructure of the town's road system," Komasa said.

The Florida Department of Transportation will be working on U.S. 27 between Dal Hall Boulevard and Interlake Boulevard to repair the ruts and potholes in the roadway, according to Komasa. The project is scheduled for the weekend of March 30.

Also, according to Highlands County Road and Bridge Supervisor Harold Roebuck, the county will be patching/fixing the road area on East Interlake Boulevard near the railroad tracks, Komasa noted.