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District recognizes outstanding volunteers

SEBRING - From the classroom to the lunchroom working with students, helping teachers and staff with a variety of tasks, volunteers contribute a lot with their experience and compassion at every school in the district. The School Board of Highlands County recognized the outstanding school volunteers of 2012-13 at Thursday’s school board meeting. Administrative Secretary Bonnie Johns said, “Our volunteers have put in more than 55,000 hours this year, helping school staff, working with students and providing a helping hand wherever needed. A representative from each school gave a brief word on how they appreciated their outstanding school volunteer.
Hill-Gustat Middle School Principal Chris Doty said Suzanne Armand is an “amazing woman. She gives tirelessly to our school.” She helps teacher Dawn Schommer who has three social studies classes and teaches sixth-grade language/arts, he said. Armand’s library background helps students in the media center, he said. She helps students understand the research that they are reading. “She is a wonderful, wonderful caring woman who gives everything that she is to the kids of this school,” Doty said. Retired teacher Clara Boone has served as a volunteer every day for the past seven years in a Park Elementary kindergarten classroom, said Principal Brenda Longshore. “It’s pretty incredible.” She works with small groups of children; she reads with children; she assists with math; she helps with clerical duties, Longshore said. “She not only works in that classroom, but anywhere we need her. She just steps up to the plate,” Longshore said. “She is an amazing volunteer and we just appreciate her so very, very much.” The school has a nice amount of volunteers who come in every week, she said. Some just come in one day a week and some of them, like Miss Boone, come in every day of every week. Longshore said Boone has a saying, “If I can help someone along the way then my life will be fulfilled for it is my life’s purpose to help others.” Sebring High Principal Anne Lindsay spoke of Mark Wolf’s efforts helping Band Director Colorado Paniagua. Lindsay said whenever she is coming or going at school Wolf is helping the school band in a variety of ways. He has worked many volunteer hours that have been logged on the volunteer time sheet, but also many more hours that have not been accounted for, Lindsay said. He works so much she keeps looking for his name on the payroll roster, she joked. The other Outstanding School Volunteers for 2012-13 are: Lucy Miller, Avon Elementary; Tobey Smoak, Cracker Trail Elementary; Tina Barber, Fred Wild Elementary; Pamela Zipperer, Kindergarten Learning Center; Karen LaCourt, Lake Country Elementary; Marianne Reason, Lake Placid Elementary; Jeanette Furman, Memorial Elementary; Camille Shaffer, Sun ‘N Lake Elementary; JoAnne DuBose, Woodlawn Elementary. Also, Arnold Davis, Avon Park Middle; Diane Thompson, Lake Placid Middle; Te-Ara Hunter, Sebring Middle; Robert Crews, Avon Park High and Steve Bullard, Lake Placid High. A certificate of appreciation was given to the outstanding volunteer from each school and a book was donated to each school’s media center in their honor.


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