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District to fill asst. superintendent position

SEBRING Highlands County School District has decided, after all, to fill the position of assistant superintendent for curriculum/instruction when Rebecca Fleck, who currently holds the position, retires. Previously, officials discussed eliminating or not filling the position when Fleck retired. But at a School Board workshop on Tuesday, the board allowed Superintendent Wally Cox to fill the position after a discussion about qualifications. When the position is filled, Fleck's successor will have greater responsibility that involves evaluations of principals. The new assistant superintendent will "evaluate principals on student achievement, faculty development professional development," the board decided.
Previously, the evaluation was largely done by the superintendent. This past year, a retired principal has also participated in the evaluations of principals. Fleck, who ran against Cox for superintendent, said she favored the assistant superintendent being involved in the evaluations. Cox said adding the principal evaluation responsibility was the major change in the job description. However, Board Chairman Richard "Andy" Tuck wanted the minimum qualifications for the assistant superintendent position to include administrative and instructional experience in both secondary and elementary education levels. Cox said he wanted an assistant superintendent in place to have input on hiring for the next school year and was concerned that the procedure to amend the minimum job requirements to have those added requirements would interfere with that. The compromise was that Cox agreed to hire someone who met the desired qualifications, in exchange for being able to hire someone before the new qualifications were put in place, Fleck said. The new desired requirements would be that the assistant superintendent as a minimum have instructional experience in at least one level and administrative experience in at least one level, Fleck said. The board has during the last several years has considered whether to fill vacant positions because of budgetary concerns. The positions of director of management information systems, coordinator of purchasing coordinator of career and technical education and coordinator of exceptional student education have remained vacant.

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