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Driver says ‘crazy’ passenger threatened to burn car

— It could almost be made into a horror movie about a “crazy” passenger.

The driver reported the incident to police, saying a passenger went “crazy” and then threatened to burn the car down ‑ and when he couldn’t do that, he damaged the vehicle.

The passenger, Samuel Toby Collins Jr., 40, 4103 Santa Barbra Drive, Sebring, was arrested May 5 by the Sebring Police Department and charged with criminal mischief and burglary with assault or battery.

The driver reported that he was parked, when “for no reason,” Collins began striking him around the head and chest area.

After that, he began reaching toward the back seat area where two gas cans were present, while threatening to burn down the seat, the report said.

The driver pushed Collins away from the back seat, but that didn’t end the problem, the report said.

Collins broke the center console arm rest and then pulled at a CD player screen, the report said.

Finally, the driver reported, that when Collins got out of the vehicle, he snatched the keys and tossed them on the ground, the report said.