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Easter on Parade

Along with other decorations, the outside of Kathy Ashbaugh's residence at the entryway to Francis I Mobile Estates is decked out for the Easter season. Her decorative touches can be seen behind the parking lot of the south Sebring Walgreens.

She has changed her decorating scheme since the first year she decided to do something different and colorful for the Easter season.

About six years ago, the first year Ashbaugh decorated for Easter, she hot glued plastic eggs onto two kiddy cars.

"A lot of people enjoyed that, but I didn't have room to store the kiddy cars so I donated them to the Salvation Army," she said.

While at the Salvation Army store she spotted an old baby buggy, which would play a big part in her current decorative scheme.

"I thought maybe I could just get a big rabbit and have her pushing that bunny," Ashbaugh said.

A door serves as the support for a depiction of a stained glass church window with a cross. She affixed eight dove replicas on the faux window that appear to be in flight.

"I thought we should have a cross because that is what Easter is all about," Ashbaugh said.

The door has a less glamorous role at other times of the year.

"I thought if I made that church window out of a door I could still use it for my garage sales by putting it on saw horses and put stuff on it," she said.

Her decorating scheme includes hundreds of plastic Easter eggs with many covering the white pebbles in her landscaping. Larger eggs are draped from a tree/bush base and dozens of large eggs hang in bundles at the end of her carport.

An Easter wreath, with pink and green ribbon and a few orange flowers, hangs on the side of her mobile home.

Ashbaugh said her two Chihuahuas, "Snowball" and "K.C.," helped her decorate.

She also has the decorative spirit during the Christmas season.

At Christmas time last year, her boyfriend helped her make dolphins.

"We had dolphins jumping out of the water with lights on them," Ashbaugh said.

Two years ago at Christmas, before her husband's death, she added some pieces of plywood to a golf cart to create a sleigh and Ashbaugh and her husband dressed up like Santa Claus.

Ashbaugh is already looking ahead and planning a decorating theme for this year's Christmas.

"I would like to make some Grinches and have some green and red decorations. I think that would be neat," she said. "People enjoy it and they stop me all the time. It gives them a little enjoyment."


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