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Elementary students recognized for FCAT perfection

SEBRING - Possibly the biggest crowd ever showed up for Tuesday's meeting of the School Board of Highlands County, packing the boardroom, reception area and overflowing outside the district office building. Proud parents with their cameras came to see their children recognized for achieving a perfect score on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test. There were plenty of perfect scores to celebrate with 77 students acing one or more subjects on the FCAT. State Rep. Cary Pigman was present to hand out the certificates of achievement one-by-one to the students. Pigman, along with Superintendent Wally Cox and the members of the school board, congratulated each student.
Elementary Programs Director Andrew Lethbridge said what many parents had commented, that they need to find a bigger place to hold the event. "This is a good problem to have," he said. "This is amazing for our district." Since the boardroom was too small, the students were honored in two groups so parents could be accommodated and have space to take photographs. Following are the elementary students who had one or more perfect FCAT scores: Avon Elementary - Gabriella Ferraz, Angel Guzman, Sarai Merlo, Joshua Webley, Dalton Eures, Torielle Filer and Emilie Mason. Cracker Trail Elementary - Kyla Chynoweth, Jayssa Dec, Ashton Griffin, Cole Haley, Kyler Post, Heather Stewart, Lainey Bynum, Walker Dressel, Jacob Gauger, Justin Gollihue, Conner Jones, Jayden Lee, Sydney Lutz, Mara Pepper, Gavin Pyle, Grant Saunders, Evonne Louis Simpron, Lauren Swaine, Kosha Upadhyaya and Mekaela Barlaug. Fred Wild - Aytana Cardona, Antonia Sanchez, Slade Thompson, Gabriel Torres, Elijah Worsley, Nyla Wrightsman and Zachary Youlden. Lake Country - Shane Dale, Halie Montano and Carlos Padilla. Lake Placid Elementary - Magaly Cruz-Colon, Izack Edwards, Evan Hutzenlaub, Abigail Wudtke, Justin Allred, Franco Angeles, Lailani Obregon and Macey Williams. Memorial Elementary - Aalexis Knight, Anthony Adhin, Luis Gil, Kobe Labra and Ceyarah Veasey. Park Elementary - Kenneth Beck, Dalton Hood, Marco Castillo and Sam Chen. Sun 'N Lake Elementary - Nathan Andrews, Rishi Desai, Matthew Sean Martinez, Serena Scaria, Sarah Arnan, William Carol, Mariana Chams, Alexandra Collier, Vinay Krishnadas, Damian Nawrocki, Mason Price, Mikhos Torralba, Elizabeth Weisinger, Pranav Ananthan, Dhruv Manik, Nicholas Piccione and Phil Pineda. Woodlawn Elementary - James Branca, Chance Oakes, Rilian Smith and George Spencer. mvalero@highlandstoday.com 863-386-5826