Dorothy Harris

From Christmas to Happy Birthday to New Year's

Around Harris & Co., we go right from Christmas to Mr. Harris' birthday and onto New Year's. Is it any wonder why I feel so tired? Thankfully Christmas at our home is a modest affair. There are no large family gatherings due to the small size of our house and the fact that our family members are spread far apart geographically. Most of our Florida-family, people we claim and who claim us though no blood ties us together, are obligated to be with their actual family on such an important holiday. Thus our Christmas is rather low-key.
This is a good thing since Mr. Harris came upon the scene on Dec. 30, the exact number of years I won't disclose for fear he might develop a sudden sensitivity to his age. So far that's not an issue, but, hey, things change rapidly if you know what I mean.
I often wonder what his mother must have been thinking on this Christmas long ago, when as a young woman she went through the holiday large with child. The connection to the Christmas story is just too good to miss. I'm sure she experienced a special awareness to the story of the Christ child as would any mother imminently giving birth near this holiday. I imagine she could readily appreciate the unpleasant travels of Mary and Joseph, with Mary, extremely pregnant, being jostled around. A barn birth, however? Not my mother-in-law. She's never been one to embrace household pets, let alone livestock.
I also can't help but think about the constraints of the weather when my husband was born. He's a Pennsylvania native by birth and anyone who hails from this climate knows exactly what I'm talking about. You can pretty sure bank on a white Christmas, and as soon as January approaches, all bets are off regarding travel.
While I've never heard stories about almost delivering him in the car during a blizzard, I'm sure there was concern as her due date approached. Would they be able to make it to the hospital? Would it snow? Had they stocked enough diapers to make it until the roads were cleared? Wait a minute; did they even have disposable diapers back then? I'd better be careful or I'm going to make Mr. Harris feel old and then believe me, I'm in trouble.
That's so silly though because he's not old. Why he's just a pup to some of my senior friends. I always say by the time you turn fifty, you should have yourself all figured out. He's got a few years yet to work on this and even then, I suppose he could apply for an extension if he really wanted to.
Thus we will go from our Christmas cheer to Happy Birthday and right into New Year's blessings. My elder friends tell me how fast life goes by and, by golly, I'm thinking they are right. This past year has flown; chock full of good stuff and new experiences. I'm hoping 2014 will be just as much fun and perhaps a bit slower in pace. As New Year's approaches, please remember to celebrate sensibly. If you're going to drink too much, do it at home. If you're going out, designate a driver so everyone gets home safely. If you're shooting off fireworks, well, I'll raise my glass in a toast because Lord knows I'll be getting no sleep as my neighbors celebrate. Cheers to the New Year my friends and Happy Birthday Mr. Harris.