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Gas prices may dip again

SEBRING - Gas prices are up again after a dip a couple of weeks ago, but the fuel price roller coaster could be headed down again.

In hindsight Nov. 12 was the day to "fill 'er up" with the price of regular gas selling for a statewide average of $3.18 a gallon, according to gasbuddy.com. That was the lowest price in the past 12 months.

The average price for regular in the Sunshine State on Wednesday was $3.449 a gallon, with the national average at $3.264.

Robert Stuart of Sebring wondered about the fluctuating gas prices on Wednesday as he stopped for gas.

"I can't understand how come they've gone up so fast in a few days," he said. "It went up like 35 cents in two days."

He doesn't travel too much, but when he does, such as on trips to Washington, D.C., he takes the train when possible, Stuart said.

Andy Stoner of Sebring stopped to fill-up his pickup truck Wednesday as he was headed to Tallahassee with a large travel trailer in tow.

He said there wasn't much that he could do about the gas prices, but pay whatever it cost.

Stoner said his mobile repair trucks use about $75 in gas a day.

The major breakthrough with Iran over the weekend could cause the recent uptick in prices to reverse course completely, gasbuddy.com reports.

Oil prices opened the week notably lower, as traders reacted to the news that perhaps Iran's oil will be back on the table in the future, pending agreements to curb the serious sanctions plaguing Iran, resulting in a crippling grip on its oil program.

Black Friday consumers had about $1.93-billion more to spend on items other than fuel this November thanks to savings seen so far this month, according to gasbuddy. The savings versus 2011 is an equally compelling $1.5-billion, but November fuel costs project to about $2-billion more than in the same month of 2010.