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Hit and run victim still recovering; no arrests made

SEBRING - For Eduarda Santos, its difficult to see her daughter forced to spend most of her time in bed, while recalling that the 15-year-old liked to run. Santos said one recent bittersweet moment was when Jasmin Dorsett, her daughter, "asked me if it will ever be like the way it used to be." Within the past week, Jasmin returned home from Tampa General Hospital, weeks after she was struck by a pickup truck, while walking home from a convenience store. The driver of the truck left the scene of the accident and has not been arrested. Santos said it was lucky her daughter survived. The impact caused her to land in a grassy area near a house, she said.
Currently, Santos said, her daughter cannot walk and is in nearly constant pain from the injuries. She has to give her daughter two injections a day to deal with the pain, she said. Her daughter can sit for only very short amounts of time, she said. The impact of the accident resulted in Jasmin suffering internal bleeding, a broken leg and a broken pelvis, among other injuries, Santos said. Doctors had to put metal screws into the pelvis bone, she said. In a few weeks, she added, her daughter will return to Tampa General Hospital for more surgery. That authorities have made no arrests in the hit-and-run accident make the situation even more difficult, she said. The driver didn't have "to leave her on the side of the road like an animal," Santos said. Santos said she's hoping someone will come forward with some information about the vehicle that hit Jasmin. "I know there are a lot of mothers out there and they know how I feel," she said. "It's not fair for this animal to get away with this." She said she doesn't intend to give up trying to get justice for her daughter, a student at Avon Park High school. Santos said her daughter never gets into trouble and doesn't deserve what happened to her. She and her daughter moved to Sebring earlier this year in hopes of a better life. Her daughter and her daughter's half-brother had walked to a convenience store to buy some snacks and were returning home when the vehicle hit her , Santos said. The impact knocked Jasmin unconscious and she doesn't remember anything about the vehicle, Santos said. The half brother also did not get a good look at the vehicle, she said. Santos said she went to the area and found glass from a headlight. From a number on the glass, it was determined the glass was from an older model pickup truck, she said. Possibly some repair shop employee will remember someone bringing in a truck with broken lights, she said. Santos said she would like to offer a reward for information about the driver, but medical costs for her daughter make that difficult. But, she said, she remains optimistic things will work out in the future. "This road is not going to be easy," she said. "We're going to make it because I'm putting it in God's hands." jmeisel@highlandstoday.com (863) 386-5834