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Holiday shoppers grab electronics and more

SEBRING - Shoppers are snatching up televisions, laptops, game consoles and more this holiday season as stores struggle to keep the hot items in stock.

Sebring Kmart Assistant Manager Marcia Newbould said Tuesday that television sales were "really hot" Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

In the toy department and in a large display in the front of the store, the Monster High dolls from Mattel are the "hot" item, she said.

The skinny dolls of high schoolers are slightly creepy, but fashionably cool.

"It's a really good seller; the girls love it," Newbould said. "Even the boys like them. There was a boy doll, but it's sold out."

Kmart associate Sabrina Smith said the store sold out of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles during the Thanksgiving Day sale.

"They sold out in the first 10 minutes," she said. "We had people lining up at the door."

Aleta Oldfield and her daughter Erin Lozier, both of Avon Park, purchased the "The Smurfs II" movie DVD on Tuesday at Kmart.

Oldfield said she had already put some Wii games on layaway and Lozier has a 32-inch TV on layaway for her daughter.

The TV was "a real good buy," Oldfield stressed.

Electronics Department Manager Stirling Snyder said tablets and laptop computers were hot items during the Thanksgiving Day sale.

The flat screen TVs sold well and the store sold out of some major appliances, he added.

"We would normally have a dryer sitting where this refrigerator is," Snyder said. "I believe that is the last washer that we have. We will get more, but we sold out over the last weekend."

JCPenny Manager Vince Joy said the store stocked more small appliances than in the past and they are selling well.

"That's been a really tremendous draw for us this holiday with a really good reception to the appliances that we had in the Black Friday ad," he said.

Due to the size of the store, in previous years they didn't have a large stock of small appliances such as blenders, coffee makers and waffle irons, he noted. Toaster ovens and dishes have been added this year.

As Floridians prepare for winter and stores stock coats and sweaters, visitors from the north apparently found the weather delightful.

"Shorts and swimwear sold well even though it was a little chillier last week," Joy said. "We had a lot of northerners who came down and thought the weather was beautiful and we are getting sweaters and jackets."

Belk Sales Manager Cherika Richardson said the $19.99 boots were a "big hit" for Black Friday.

The men's gift sets, such as shoe shine and shaving kits and pocket knives, sold well, she said. The home goods department was busy with shoppers purchasing china with Christmas patterns.

Walmart reported that nationwide on Thanksgiving Day its top sellers in store and online were: big screen televisions, the iPad mini, laptops, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Call of Duty Ghosts video game.