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Investigation continues into man's death in Sebring

SEBRING - Four months after a Miami man's body was discovered in a car in Sebring, his girlfriend and her mother are still seeking answers. Lawdonda Jones, the mother of the girlfriend, said she and her daughter know that Antwan Reeves, 30, the man murdered, was heading toward the east coast of Florida to visit them. She said her daughter had talked to Reeves during the first weekend in April and he had assured her that he would be there soon. But when her daughter tried to reach him a few minutes later, he didn't answer the phone, she said.
They didn't hear anything else until police found Reeves' body in a Chrysler 300 vehicle on Zephyr Street, at least three days after he died, Jones said. The mystery remains as to why Reeves drove up U.S. 27 from Miami to Sebring when the usual route was on Interstate 95, they said. Sebring police had little to say about the case in April and that remained true last week. Police Cmndr. Steve Carr said the only information he can release is that police are still investigating the case. Carr did say in April the reason why the body was discovered later may have been because the windows on the vehicle were tinted. Jones said she and her daughter find it frustrating that the police and others who knew Reeves have been unwilling or unable to answer their questions. The daughter, Renee, would only give her first name, saying at times she worries about her own safety. She said some family members of Reeves seem to think that she set him up to be robbed, but she insists there's no truth to that. A story was going around that someone set up Reeves to be robbed, she said, adding that when she went to the funeral, it seemed "that everyone at the funeral wanted to kick my ass," Renee said. Whatever was behind the murder, Jones said, she and her daughter said Reeves was a very cautious individual, especially regarding where he went and who got into his vehicle. Renee said Reeves would normally let her know where he was located. He must have had some reason for not letting her know that he was going to Sebring. She knows of no reason why he would stop in Sebring, she said. Renee said she and Reeves met when a mutual friend in high school in Miami introduced them. Reeves worked delivering supplies to nursing homes and when he was not working or coming to visit her, he would spend most of his time at home. "It hurts me to know that I don't know anything (about why or who murdered Reeves)," she said. "It's not fair for someone take his life and get away with it." jmeisel@highlandstoday.com (863) 386-5834